GYPSEYE, founded in 2018, is a semi-fine jewellery brand. It’s founder, Tiffany Stoliar sought to create a debut collection of unique pieces, which would encapsulate her free-spirited wanderlust interlaced with her love of history and deep seated respect for culture.
Her love for jewellery was fostered from a young age by significant woman in her life, and through this exposure, became acutely aware of the importance of jewellery as a representation of the self.
‘It was clear to me, that jewellery was an extension of one’s self. Each piece that is worn reflects an internal narrative one wants to share with the world. It’s a way to relate. I think it is very empowering for women to have that strategy of expression.’
GYPSEYE intertwines ancient mythology, culture and spirituality influenced by Tiffany’s Turkish, Egyptian, European and Israeli heritage. At the heart of the collection is the multicultural Evil Eye symbol, synonymous with its ability to protect the wearer from malice, and sits alongside rare gemstones, resplendent in their healing powers.
Each design was created and is embedded with the belief in the universe’s infinite possibilities and a love of beautiful things.
GYPSEYE is designed in Australia and handcrafted by local artisans.