Drawing on the ancient Egyptian culture and notion of a free spirit, the Cairo Bracelet takes each delicate eye and adorns it with coloured cubic zirconia. Featuring pink, blue and green gemstones, this piece come in two styles – one with smaller Evil Eye symbols and one with slightly larger symbols.


925k sterling silver plated with 18k gold

Small Eye Bracelet size 1cm x 0.5cm with adjustable chain  
Large Eye Bracelet size 1.5cm x 0.7cm with adjustable chain


Due to the nature of the gemstones, there may be slight variations in colour, in particular the Larimar which is a unique stone. Each piece is handmade and fragile so keep them in their box when not wearing them to protect and handle lovingly.

*Please note the SMALL EYES is on back order. Delivery expected 2-4 weeks from placing order*

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