One of the oldest and greatest games tracing back over 5000 years to the legendary Burnt City of Iran, ‘Backgammon’ has become a widely popular game played by many cultures around the world.

Growing up in an Israeli household, what we call “Shesh Besh” which translates to ‘six-five’ (being the best possible rolls of the dice) was a prominent feature in my childhood. Memories of the men in the family sitting outside in the sun eating and drinking whilst playing and hearing the sound of the dice dropping on the board will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Shesh Besh is a game we still love to play at home and a family tradition I hope to always continue and share.

**Available for Pre-Order ~ please allow 6-8 weeks*

Materials: High transparency acrylic/lucite & Silkscreen detailing
Board Measurements: 35.3cm x 21cm x 4cm (closed)
Comes with: 2 blue dice, 1 double dice, 30 checker pieces (15 cream, 15 white), 2 white dice cups, velvet bag 

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